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  T2-399I Plus
  T2-600C_ID (125KHz card)
  T2-600C_IC (13.56MHz card)
  T2-600C_HID (HID Card)
  T2-600U (USB flash disk)
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  T2-399I Plus
  T2-600C_ID (125KHz card)
  T2-600C_IC (13.56MHz card)
  T2-600C_HID (HID Card)
  T2-600U (USB flash disk)
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BF399Plus - Fingerprint T&A with Access Controller System.

Because of the DHCP function, you can search out the device's IP by the BFLEX software automatic.
To see the records, you can get it by web viewer. So it should be easy to check out the attendance records for the end users.

BF399Plus is the professional advanced device and it was designed for the high level customers.It can support TIME&Attendance system and Access Controller reader too.
Who need this devcie?
Such as Bank system and Goverment department and the Companies,who need the device easy operation .

Especificación para T2-399Plus
Fingerprint Sensor Size 16mm*14mm
Dimensions 220mm * 154mm * 40mm , 1.5kg
Image Scan Time < 1.0 seconds
Fingerprint Capture Angle 360°
Verification Speed < 1.5 seconds (1:500)
User ID 6 Digitals
Real time outoput Yes
Delay time from relay 4seconds
Relay function it can be closed.
RFID Card reader ( extra card reader0 Yes
Matching Method 1:N or 1:n (with GROUP ID,each 100fingers in one GROUP)
False Acceptance Rate < 0.00001%
False Rejection rate < 0.001%
Template storage capacity 2800 fingerprint templates
Backup Option Fingerprint or Password (or card when card reader connecting VIA wiegand 26)
One user with two fingers and one pin code and one card.
In/Out Log Capacity 51200 Lines
Operating Method Standalone
Communication with PC RS232,RS485,TCP/IP Ethernet 10/100M, support DHCP. Web Viewer embedded inside
Connector One RJ45 for TCPIP
One RJ45 fro RS232/485/Wiegand 26/Power input
One power supplier connector
One connector with two pins ( Relay output :COM and NO)
One connector with four pins (two pins for door bell,two pins as wiegand 26 input)
Anti-Static Capability < 40kV
Operating Temperature -5°C - 60°C
Access controller Function Wiegand 26 output/ in put, it support all wiegand 26 access controller
Access Relay Yes, with COM and NO two pins from relay.
Relay delay time:0.5-4seconds.
Door bell Yes, the extra bell is necessary from the end user.
Power off button Yes,Press power off button for 3 seconds to turn off the device.
Power Supply 12VDC@1.5A with access controller for port 3 and port 1
Backup Batería Support the extra backup battery.
Soporta lenguas (6 lenguas) (LCD Menu) Chinese, Big5 Chinese (Tai wan), English, France, Spanish, Hungarian
Supported Language (11 language)
(Application Software system)
Chinese , English , France , Arabic, Egypt Arabic , Thai , Hungarian , magyar ,Spanish , Portuguese , Italian
Additional Features Function Keys, working code :In/pass/Out, Bell button, Ports for Bell Ring/Siren, Green and Red light showing verification, ports of back up battery useing.
Packagesize for one unit: 28mm*24.5mm*8mm
Weight for one unit 1.5kg
Package for 10unts/box 350mm*300mm*545mm ,total weight 12kg
* This model offers ONE year warranty period for manufacturing defects.

Soluciones e instalación
As Time & Attendance System
Company D:
There are around 200 users in the company D, and they have the Ethernet Network. The H&R manager just want to see the records by checking the I.E. directly from the need to check from the application software.
What BFLEX can do for them?
Company E:
There are MORE then 300 users in the company, and they have their own website. They have many branch in different city..
The H&R manager should check out all the attendance records from their website directly from different city by internet. And they have no people ,who can download and transfer the records from different branch fingerprint devices to the web server all the time. So they need the devices should send the records directly to the web server real time automatic.
What BFLEX can do for them?
Ixion Presencia Profesional Ver. 2.9 software con soporte para todos los terminales BFLEX, incluyendo
●Sistema control de presencia
●Sistema control de accesos
●Abrir puerta 
●Todos los lectores BFLEX proximidad.
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